Beyond Training

How do you survive after formal training? What does a singer need to survive in the real world? The transition from student to young artist or professional is neither easy nor textbook. Learn more about how to manage your life as a self-employed singer.  Resources for Singers

What You Need to Survive

We truly wish that each and every singer coming out of an undergrad, grad or artist diploma opera program could conceivably earn a position at an opera company, but odds are very poor. There are less than 50 opera companies in the US with a full length (8 month) Young Artist Program or Resident Artist Program. How many jobs is that? Well, you do the math. With most programs averaging 4 to 6 singers and with the total of graduating singers each year adding up into the hundreds if not thousands – how do you achieve your dreams as an opera singer in stiff competition? What are your plans if you don’t win one the the “full time” jobs?

Unfortunately, talent isn’t enough these days due to the crowded job market. Of course time and money invested in expanding your network and strengthening your languages skills are certainly actions that will increase your chances as an opera singer. What else can you do? OperaPulse brings you resources that help you get an edge on the competition instead of running the audition gauntlet year after year with no results.

Resources for Singers

Information about opera and singing now travels faster than a monthly subscription to a trade magazine. OperaPulse searches the internet for resources that will keep you organized and ahead of the competition. We deliver these resources via our Facebook page or list them on our Resource Page. Here are a two examples:

The World’s Largest Online Language Learning Community

A great, free way to keep track of your expenses.

More Resources

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