Refine Your Craft

If you are a singer you’ve come to the right place. Are you looking for the right training? How about tools to keep you ahead of the competition? OperaPulse is devoted to helping you refine your craft.

Guide to Opera Training

No matter your level of education – Undergraduate or Graduate – you can always become an even more complete opera performer. With so many universities, colleges, conservatories, and opera training programs, which one is the best for you? Learn more in our Guide to Opera Training »

Beyond Training

Does your training end after you leave Grad school? Thousands of singers audition for only a select amount of Young Artist jobs each year. It’s tough to keep ahead of the competition year after year. Learn how you can get the edge in our section titled: Beyond Training »

Guide to Auditions

As a singer your audition skills will, most of the time, make or break you. Learn not only some of the best practices, but check out the resources that will better equip you in your auditions in the OperaPulse Guide to Auditions »

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