Che gelida manina

Aria Details
Voice Type: Tenor
Role: Rodolfo
Language: Italian
Translation: What a frozen little hand
Opera: La Boheme
Composer: Puccini

OperaPulse’s Aria of the WeekLa Bohème is arguably the most popular opera in the Puccini repertoire, so there is no coincidence that it has a number of breath taking arias. For example, listening to “Che gelida manina,” (What a frozen little hand) from Puccini’s La Bohème, will make time stand still.

In the moment before the aria, Rodolfo takes Mimi’s hand, while she frantically searches for her “lost” key, and begins to do what any good poet does – woo her with his words. Through this aria Mimi starts to fall in love with Rodolfo and we, the audience, begin to witness a beautiful, yet heartbreaking, love story.

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