Deh, vieni alla finestra

Aria Details
Voice Type: Baritone
Role: Don Giovanni
Language: Italian
Translation: O come to the window, beloved
Opera: Don Giovanni
Composer: Mozart

OperaPulse’s Aria of the Week – The story of Don Giovanni or Don Juan has been told in many different ways but Mozart’s opera is arguably the most influential. It’s common knowledge that the Don is famous for his womanizing and this aria exhibits his ability to serenade, a skill he knows all too well. In Deh, vieni alla finestra, Don Giovanni is situated under Donna Elvira window and proceeds to play a beautiful serenade on his mandolin.

This aria is deceptively difficult which is why you will find several different versions below. For instance, Peter Mattei croons some of the aria while Samuel Ramey sings the aria outright.


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