Cosi van tutte

The last of the Mozart-DaPonte operas, Così fan tutte is a classic sitcom, opera style. A pair of friends, Guglielmo and Ferrando, and two sisters, their fiancées, Dorabella and Fiordiligi find themselves caught up in a uproarious war of the sexes. The stickiness begins when Guglielmo and Ferrando make a bet with Don Alfonso that their fiancées would never cheat on them; Alfonso, who believes in the innate infidelity of all women, decides to put their theory to the test. The two friends dress up as foreign soldiers and try to seduce one another’s bride-to-be. Guglielmo and Ferrando believe they have won the bet when the sisters refuse to give into their pleas for love. Unwilling to accept defeat, Alfonso teams up with Despina, Dorabella and Fiordiligi’s maid. Bored and looking for some adventure, Despina and Alfonso come up with their own scheme to fool both soldiers and sisters into losing the bet. But when the sisters give in to the soldiers’ second entreaty, encouraged by Despina, the bet loses its fun for Guglielmo and Ferrando. In trying to prove the fidelity of their fiancées, find themselves both the betrayed and the betrayer. Through the doubt, the deception, and the disguises (so many disguises!) the couples emerge with the realization that they really do love each other.

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