Votre toast (Toreador Song)

Aria Details
Voice Type: Bass-Baritone
Role: Escamillo
Language: French
Range: A3 - F4
Translation: Your toast, I quite have the standing
Opera: Carmen
Composer: Bizet
Act: 2

OperaPulse’s Aria of the Week – This weeks aria will get anyone’s blood pumping quickly! It’s the ever famous Toreador Song (Votre toast) from Bizet’s Carmen. Is the Toreador Song the most recognizable aria in the opera? It may not be used as frequently in movies or commercials, but the aria’s refrain is hard to forget.

Escamillo, a well revered bull fighter, toasts the crowd as he describes the riveting life in the ring. Who gives the best performance out of the artists below? Did we miss your favorite?

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