Florida Grand Opera’s Turn of Events

There’s good news for those of you who care about culture in the Fort Lauderdale arena – Florida Grand Opera isn’t going anywhere. So in 2016, when you’re filleting a daily catch at 15th St. Fisheries and sipping on a $5 happy hour cocktail or sampling the latest Latin-inspired dish at Chimney House, you will be aglow knowing that your tickets to one of FGO’s finest shows for next season will be snuggled abreast your back pocket. Hopefully that smile, which will indicate just how content you are with the current state of culture in Fort Lauderdale will be infectious to the other diners as you quickly lift your fork of flaky red snapper 20 minutes to curtain. It’s show time in Broward County!


Florida Grand Opera has managed to secure not only this season, but the 2015-16 season as well. Thanks to a last minute matching donation challenge by a private individual, FGO will enjoy their 75th season with performances in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Without the funds, they were almost forced to depart from their home at the Broward Center in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale.

florida-grand-opera-family-day-Lorne-GrandisonRead this. It’s sheer gumption.

We were taken aback when we read this blog post by such a young mind. Talk about passion! Florida Grand, you have a future leader in your backyard. Opera companies everywhere need to promote these young voices – it’s fan development not patron development!

Fort Lauderdale has heard the call of one of it’s finest institutions and has responded with gusto. Securing one of the vital links to the backbone of Broward County’s arts scene isn’t an easy task, but it seems FGO is fortifying it’s foundation with the help of young and old alike – a promising achievement for any city. I’ll raise a Maple Bacon Porter to that!

Grab tickets now for Florida Grand Opera’s Pearl Fishers – February 28th – March 14th.

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