Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe Sings Opera on National TV

We always knew he had it in him! Mike Rowe, a beloved media personality who is best known as the host of Dirty Jobs, sang a few operatic phrases live on CNN recently. While his Italian could use a little polishing the snippet of Colline’s Coat Aria (Vecchia zimarra, senti) from Puccini’s La Boheme proved that his singing voice is a beautifully mirrored image of the rich, mellifluous tones that he’s known for as a host.

His story of becoming an opera singer as he puts it – “to get my union card and meet girls” – is not that uncommon. As to his success and fame, well that’s a different story. It would be quite an interesting stunt to see if an opera company today could rope him into singing or participating in a show, especially since he did give a reason he sang opera for more than a year with a confession: “the truth is, the music was really decent.”

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