Philip Glass Sur-realizes Disney’s Final Moments

Philip Glass is at it again. It seems somewhat fitting that he has decided to create an opera, The Perfect American, based on the book of the same name by Peter Stephan Jungk. As the title suggests, the opera depicts the life of a perfect American including the deliberation of cryogenics, utopian foresight and Abraham Lincoln robots (that’s right, the FDR robot sitting in your living room is so passé). This all makes a bit more sense if you consider that the model American used in the work is none other than the late Walt Disney, whose philosophy was probably quite similar to Glass’: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” (Disney)

Unfortunately, the world premiere opened at the Teatro Real in Madrid last week and, unless your flamenco dress was packed and you had Tempranillo bound tickets two weekends ago, you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to watch it anyway. However, the good news is that has decided to unleash the beast (or was it beauty?) and you’ll have 90 days starting February 6th for an opportunity to view Glass’ brand new, deservedly surrealist piece. And why not? You couldn’t call yourself an opera buff if you didn’t want to watch great American president robots, Andy Worhol and choo-choo trains all working together in the same room with Glass’ language to prove cryogenic theory and to define the final moments of a perfect American, Walt Disney.

Pure opera.

Also, if you see Mr. Glass anytime soon, go ahead and give him a “Happy 76thas the big day was January 31st. If not (like the rest of us), here’s to another year of awesome surprises!

(To view the opera, just head on over to and fill out a painless registration form. The viewing most likely will be free, but if it isn’t it shouldn’t cost more that $5!)

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