New Opera-Theater (World Premier, Selkie) in Houston

HOUSTON, TXDivergence Vocal Theater’s presentation of Selkie, a sea tale (World Premier, new opera-theater) is an original Divergence Vocal Theater created new opera-theater piece. It is a dreamy love tale inspired by Selkie mythology: the half-human, half-seal beings that shed their skins and become human for a time. Elliot Cooper Cole composed the beautiful musical setting of words by opera singer and Divergence Vocal Theater artistic director, Misha Penton. It is composed for two female singers, cello and piano; and the production includes additional theater and dance artists. The media and lighting design is by award winning theater artist, Megan M. Reilly from Austin; and media and theatrical environment installation is by Houston photographer and fine artist, David A. Brown. Selkie, a sea tale is part of Opera America’s National Opera Week celebration.

Seduction to dive below the waves… Have you ever wanted something so much that you’d pursue it without a thought to saying goodbye to your current life? We have. Join us in an other-worldly environment for a fairytale evening of achingly beautiful, multidisciplinary, new opera-theater.

Friday November 5 at 8pmSaturday November 6 at 8pm

Saturday night after-party with Two Star Symphony!

Obsidian Arts Space 3522 White Oak Drive. Houston, TX 77007

Pay What You WishReservations Recommended.

Limited Seating.Contact, Info &

Elliot Cooper Cole, composer.

Misha Penton, libretto.

Misha Penton, Natasha Manley, singers.

Meg Brooker, dancer & choreography.

Miranda Herbert & Melissa McEver, actors.

Jeremy Wood, piano. Olive Chen, cello.

Sarah Mosher & Serret Jensen, costumes & stylist.

Megan M. Reilly & David A. Brown, lighting, media & design.

Amy Guerin, theatrical consult.

Misha Penton, Artistic Director.

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