Night at the Opera – Ft Worth, TX – VIDEO

OperaPulse’s Night at the Opera – Do you ever ask yourself this question – How many people are seeing opera for their first time tonight? We do. Let’s say an opera company assembles a stellar production and not one new comer to opera attends, is it like that saying about the tree falling in the woods? Well, maybe it’s not that drastic but it’s a sad state of affairs! So, we plan to help out by filling seats.

Introducing: OperaPulse’s Night at the Opera! When we attended the Fort Worth Opera Festival during the Memorial Day weekend we scoured Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth for a couple that had never attended an opera. Now, it was tough finding someone that would alter their plans for the Memorial Day Weekend but we were successful.

Kyle and Rachel from the Dallas/Fort Worth area were our first victims, I mean, participants and allowed us to interview them about their experience.

[youtube width=”607″ height=”366″][/youtube]

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