The Human Voice at it’s Finest

While the plot of Verdi’s Il Trovatore is not one to write home about, the energy of the music is something that you will never forget. Filled to the brim with memorable melodies and earth shattering high notes, this opera has stood the test of time because of it’s truly awesome display of the human voice. Trovatore requires big, big voices, not big people, big voices. From the soaring high ‘C’ of Di quella pira l’orrendo foco, to the beautifully lyric lines of Il balen del suo sorriso, and the chest notes of Stride la vampa, this opera stretches the limits of what you think the human voice is capable of. Oh ya, there’s that Anvil Chorus song that you might know, too!

Read a brief and comprehensive plot synopsis and find Il Trovatore performances.

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