Throwdown: Che gelida manina

Without debate, the most widely done opera in the repertory today. Without Boheme houses like the Met and ENO would need another powerhouse show to excite both subscribers and newbies. The opera is filled with incredibly catchy tunes and Che gelida manina is the tenor’s first act moment to shine*. As impoverished bohemians in Paris with merely a single candle to light their way, young Rodolfo touches the petite, cold hand of Mimi in the dark and one of opera’s most firey love affairs begins.

Rodolfo needs a bit of muscularity or else he sounds like the wimpy kid next to his powerhouse baritone roommates. These tenors make Rodolfo seem like a poet that goes to the gym twice a day, six days a week. One of them comes out on top. Who?

(Must be a rehearsal space at Hogwarts. Does anybody else feel that Professor Dumbledore is peering over Jonas’ shoulder?)

* As if they need any more moments

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