Opera’s Top Ten

Who doesn’t like a good ‘Top Ten’ list? They can be controversial, educational, or just plain entertaining. We’ve polled thousands of our followers on Facebook and Twitter and compiled their answers here to questions like: What are your ‘Favorite Operas,’ what is the ‘Best Opera to Introduce to First-Timers’ or what are you’re ‘Favorite Opera Characters?’ Check out what people are saying or, better yet, add your voice!

Opera's Top 10

Top Ten: Most Important Operatic Figures in HistoryThese people, composers and performers alike, have molded opera into what it is today.

Top Ten: Best ‘First-Timer’ OperasLet’s be honest, not all operas are best for an introduction to the art form. What operas are the best for the ‘First-Time’ opera goer?

Top Ten: Most Favorite Opera Character There are many lovable opera characters, but who are the Top Ten?


Top Ten: Opera’s Most Common Stereotypes

Top Ten: Soprano Arias

Top Ten: Most Powerful High Note

Top Ten: Sexiest Operas

Top Ten: Hardest Operas to Direct

If you would like to voice your opinion in future ‘Top Ten’ questions check out how you can Connect with Us. Why do we create these ‘Top Ten’ lists? Well, first off it sparks great conversation and debate. Second, it gives the opera community a chance to hear what others are saying. Most importantly, it allows both new and long-time opera lovers to discover more about a given opera, aria or what is popular in the world of opera. If you explore opera a little further you are bound to fall deeper in love with the art form!

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