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Exposure to opera is crucial. Similar to, say, a television program – the more a person watches or “tunes into” any given TV program, the more engaged they are while viewing the actual show. If the same person is plopped in front of the tube at a random time during a TV program’s season having no preconceived knowledge of the show, the more disconnected and lost they feel to the story line. Television has firm grip on our daily lives – opera needs to find its way back. Here are some great ways to get a daily dose of opera:

Saturday Morning Comix

Entertain the child within you or perhaps beside you! These videos below are great ways to get kids to fall in love with opera. Do you remember these videos as a child?

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The Rabbit Of Seville

Figaro, Figaro, Figaro, Fiiiiiiiigaro! It’s opera’s calling card for many who know very little about opera. Who do we have to thank? Rossini? Mozart? Nope. Bugs Bunny! Each Saturday we share one cartoon, TV, or movie clip that has brought opera to a new audience. These little gems continue to leave a lasting impression on countless children, so please share them with those closest to you – hopefully those who don’t know how to operate a computer yet! Check OperaPulse out on Facebook and watch each week for the Saturday Morning Comix! Find out how you can stay connected HERE »

Watch more videos by browsing through the selections below. Remember, together we can promote opera!

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Sesame Street

Denyce Graves Sings Elmo a Lullaby

Andrea Bocelli’s Lullaby to Elmo

The Operatic Orange

The Muppets

The Muppetapolitan Opera’s Pigoletto

Renee Fleming on the Muppet Show

Miss Piggy and La ci darem la mano

“Beak”tovens Ode to Joy

Tit Willow (G&S) – The Muppets

Walt Disney

Mickey’s Grand Opera – 1936

Mickey’s Amateurs – 1937

Fantasia’s “The Dance of the Hours”

Warner Bros.

Bugs Bunny’s Overtures to Disaster

Rabbit of Seville


Lego Carmen

Barber of Seville – The Cartoon

Movie – Life is Beautiful – Barcarolle

The Wonder Pets Theme Song

Opera in Ten Minutes PG

Das Rheingold – The Cartoon PG

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