Per me giunto – Don Carlo – Verdi

Aria Details
Voice Type: Baritone
Role: Rodrigo
Language: Italian
Opera: Don Carlo
Composer: Verdi

OperaPulse’s Aria of the Week – It’s extremely difficult to discuss opera and avoid mentioning a death scene. Rodrigo’s death scene from Verdi’s Don Carlos is no exception. The scene falls in the fourth act of the five act opera and is a wonderful sing for the baritone. It consists of two parts, the first beginning with “Per me giunto” and the second “O Carlos ascolta.” Some of the videos below only show the second part.

Don Carlos has been imprisoned and Rodrigo, Marquis of Posa, decides to save Carlos from prison by confessing that he himself was the guilty party. Rodrigo is fully aware that he will die for pleading guilty and tells Carlos that he looks forward to the day that they meet in heaven. Rodrigo exemplifies the true friendship that they pledged to each other in the famous second act duet, Dio, che nell’alma infondere, which is echoed during the latter half of the death scene.

Tell us who your favorite Rodrigo is below!

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