Je veux vivre – Romeo et Juliette – Gounod

Aria Details
Voice Type: Soprano
Role: Juliet
Language: French
Translation: I want to live
Opera: Romeo et Juliette
Composer: Gounod

OperaPulse Aria of the Week –O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” We all know Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette very well, don’t we? How about the operatic version? The opera Romeo et Juliette, by Gounod, is rather popular in the operatic repertoire and “Je veux vivre” (I want to live) or “Juliet’s Waltz” is one of the famous arias in this operatic masterpiece.

This aria takes place towards the beginning of the opera. Juliette sings joyously about living for her dreams. She wishes to enjoy her youth while it lasts and what better way to do it by singing a waltz! All joking aside, this is a fantastic aria for the soprano – beautiful high notes and an exciting melody. Enjoy!

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