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Je crois entendre encore – The Pearl Fishers – Bizet


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OperaPulse’s Aria of the Week - Nearly everyone knows of the opera Carmen, by Bizet, but what about his other gems? Les Pecheurs des perles (The Pearl Fishers) did not see the gigantic success that Bizet’s last opera – Carmen – saw because of, well, a really poor plot line. Looking past the plot, the opera has some of the most beautiful music ever written. Most opera lovers know The Pearl Fishers by the famous tenor – baritone duet, Au fond du temple saint, but have yet to discover the rest of the opera. This week’s aria, Je crois entendre encore, from The Pearl Fishers, is a true diamond in the rough. If you’re unfamiliar with the aria, prepare to be blown away!

In Je crois entendre encore, Nadir (tenor) sings of his love for Leïla. The aria is breathtakingly beautiful and extremely difficult for the tenor. You’ll be seduced into listening to this aria more than once!


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Aria Details

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  • Language:
  • Opera:
    Les Pecheurs des perles
  • Composer:

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  • ccarmel

    le meme air chanté par Vanzo est encore plus beau.

  • ccarmel

    merci pour ce”post”. quelle merveille! Nicolai Gedda est mon favori avec Vanzo. Gedda prait un peu “flat” par moments, mais quelle finesse! Le phrasé de Vanzo est inegalé…

  • ccarmel

    oui, oui, je sais bien que Vanzo n’apparait pas. mais on peut le trouver ailleurs sur le net.

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