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Dio che nell’alma infondere (duet) – Don Carlo – Verdi


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Opera Pulse’s Aria of the Week – Well, in this eidtion, we’ve bent the rules to showcase one of the greatest tenor-baritone duets: Dio che nell’alma infondere, from Verdi’s Don Carlo. This duet is full of bravura and testosterone, as one would expect.

Don Carlo and Rodrigo pledge themselves to the cause of liberty and an eternal friendship. Verdi illustrates their pledge and devotion by giving the duet a militaristic march. The strong harmonies and methodically moving vocal lines are all that one desires in a tenor-baritone duet! Enjoy.

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Aria Details

  • Voice Type:
    Tenor and Baritone
  • Role:
    Don Carlo and Rodrigo
  • Language:
  • Opera:
    Don Carlo
  • Composer:

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