Di Provenza il mar, il suol – La Traviata – Verdi

Aria Details
Voice Type: Baritone
Role: Germont
Language: Italian
Translation: The sea and the soil of Provence
Opera: La Traviata
Composer: Verdi

OperaPulse’s Aria of the Week – Unfortunately, (it depends on who you ask) composers have over saturated the repertory with fantastic arias for the soprano or tenor voices leaving the other voice types out to dry. Lucky for us, Verdi was not one of those composers. In his famous opera, La Traviata, Verdi composed a beautifully lyric aria for the baritone – Di Provenza il mar, il suol (The sea and the soil of Provence).

In this aria, Alfredo’s father, Germont, reminds his son of his home and family in Provence. Prior to the aria, Germont has convinced Violetta to leave Alfredo because her reputation as a courtesan has tainted Germont’s daughter’s engagement. Remorsefully, she agrees to leave Alfredo and Germont, in this aria – Di Provenza il mar, il suol – must try and comfort his son, Alfredo. While the aria is extremely lyrical, Germont comes off as forceful and somewhat hollow in his attempt to console Alfredo. The melody is very memorable and deceivingly difficult as a whole.

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