Boris’ Death Scene – Boris Godunov – Mussorgsky

Aria Details
Voice Type: Bass
Role: Boris Godunov
Language: Russian
Opera: Boris Godunov
Composer: Mussorgsky

OperaPulse’s Aria of the Week – One opera that you may be lucky to see live more than once in your lifetime, is the one and only opera that Modest Mussorgsky completed – Boris Godunov. The opera chronicles the Russian Tsar, Boris Godunov, who reigned at a very pivotal time in Russia’s political history, 1598-1605. The libretto, written by Mussorgsky, is based on Aleksandr Pushkin play by the same title.

One of the most moving scenes is found towards the very end of the opera – Boris’ Death Scene.┬áBoris (sung by a bass) came into power, as the tsar, after murdering the heir to the Russian throne, Dmitry. By the end of the opera, Boris is tortured with guilt and is having hallucinations. Just before the death scene, Boris has reached his highest point of mental and physical hysteria and realizes his death is near. He calls in his son to give him his final counsel and dies.

Like we’ve mentioned before it’s hard to avoid highlighting the magnificent death scenes that are found in opera. Enjoy!

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