The Fate of City Opera

The sun had set, the curtain had closed and the fat lady had sung (sorry for the cliche). New York City Opera folded. They had a great run, a rough finish and we were sad to wave goodbye.

But wait! Round 2?

Over the past several weeks a bidding war has taken place between NYCO Renaissance led by ex-general manager of the defunct Di Capo Opera, Michael Capasso, and Opera New York led by businessman, Gene Kaufmann. The NYCO board prefers Capasso’s Renaissance over Kaufmann’s Opera New York, but at the last moment Kaufman put a bid in for $1.5 million ($250K more than Renaissance) thus outbidding the surprised Renaissance group. The courtroom is quiet, but the jury is still out. That’s right, no decision has been made regardless of the winning bid.

I know… curious indeed.

There’s no denying that City Opera was one of the most important classical art institutions and did more to pave the way for rising young talent and new opera than perhaps any other company in American history. But the question we have for everyone is: should New York City Opera just stay down? Would the re-invigoration of the bankrupt company OR would the birth of a new company (or companies) be better for the community? For sure, the old dog would need to learn new tricks and the new kid(s) on the block would need some towels to wipe behind the ears f0r success to ensue.

So what do you think?


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