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Are you as passionate about opera as we are? Learn how you can be part of a movement to strengthen opera.

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Why get involved?

Over the past few years opera lovers from across the country have witnessed a frightening trend – opera companies closing their doors. Is it a lack of interest in the art form? The short answer – No. In our experience (Read our Story), we have seen companies close their doors due to a lack of information and resources. Sure, their are great publications geared towards opera, but how can a misunderstood art form survive and prosper when the latest news is already a month old?

It’s crucial for opera to have a daily active voice devoted to the art form and not a specific company. Opera lovers are just as passionate about their local opera companies as they are about the larger companies like the Met. Are you enthusiastic about your local opera company or maybe a specific niche in opera? Find out below how you can help strengthen opera. Together we can promote opera.

Review Performances

Performance reviews are very important to spreading the news about a remarkable production, as well as communicating the excitement surrounding a opera company. Are you tired of reading stale or uninformed performance reviews? OperaPulse is looking for opera lovers who have a knack for writing reviews of performances in their local city. Individuals committed to writing reviews will be provided a ticket to the performances. Please send a bio and writing sample to [email protected]

Write Articles or Reporting

As we continue to expand our business we are looking to add more creative writers that are interested in reporting current topics or writing articles about a specific niche in the opera world. The true beauty of opera is revealed in the exploration of the art form. Many people find opera inaccessible because the information available to them is outdated or extremely stilted. OperaPulse is dedicated to reporting news and articles that are unique, informative, and relevant to all types of opera lovers. If interested in writing for OperaPulse, please send a bio and a writing sample to: [email protected]

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