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Welcome to our NEW website! We are a news-based business promoting the remarkable in opera. Why did we start OperaPulse and what lies ahead? Read on to get all the juicy details!


The ideas for OperaPulse were created in the spring of 2009 by two singers who lost their contracts due to the demise of Connecticut Opera. The events that led up to the ultimate downfall of the company, which used to be America’s fifth oldest, were shocking. What they witnessed wasn’t merely failed fundraising and marketing strategies; more detrimental to overall health of the company was the inability of the opera community to rise up, get united, and find a voice. Essentially, the community folded. OperaPulse is here to make sure the American opera communities find their voice.

OperaPulse is leading a movement, online and offline, to help build up your opera community and propel this magnificent art form well into the 21st Century. We are committed to:

1. Promoting companies, artists and remarkable opera-supporting businesses
2. Educating singers, companies and communities
3. Creating new and innovative ways to promote, market and raise awareness for opera.

OperaPulse is a passionate and goal-driven, news-based company promoting the remarkable in opera. The success of opera in the 21st century and beyond relies on all of us. We will constantly seek to focus our passion and excitement and reach out to every community spreading the beauty of opera.

Mission Statement
The 21st century approach: OperaPulse.com creates new and innovative ways to promote and strengthen opera. We are a socially-integrated, interactive hub for news and resources – a unique destination where users make vital connections in the opera world.

Remember, you’re part of the American voice of opera. Now, get out there and get people excited!


At OperaPulse, we are always looking ahead to what the future may hold. The partnerships, collaborations, employees and friends that we make on our way to giving opera a more substantial voice, will continue to shape our combined impact on the opera community in the USA and beyond. Our motto is, “Together we can promote opera,” so please do contact us if you would like to be a part of our future plans or check out how others are getting involved. We love hearing from and working with other passionate opera lovers!

With constant changes in technology, the media and the internet, OperaPulse feels it necessary to be a light, flexible and responsible business devoted to the needs of the opera community at large. Opera needs a welcoming, non-bias voice in order to continue to survive in the 21st century and we fully intend to be that voice in the community. The focus on constant reporting of remarkable news and opera education, we believe, is essential to the longevity of this great art form. If you believe in this art form as much as we do, spread the word!

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